18 May, 2010

final dress

Yes, I sang Lucia at 10am this morning.
Yes, I had the high F's and G's from the original keys plus my new awesome cadenzas.
Yes, it went WELLLLLLL!!!!

I am SO ridiculously tired right now that I can't even think straight. I don't want to check my email, facebook, the Times, or anything else. I just want to lie in my bed and curl into a little ball.

Of course, the reason is lack of good sleep. When I know I have to wake up at 7am, combined with having a 'show', that pretty much equals
1. not being able to FALL asleep until 2am
2. waking up every hour making sure that's not 7am yet.

DANG. That makes for one overtired coloraturaaah.

And of course, I have an early morning tv interview tomorrow (the bags under my eyes should be pleasant)...

So- once I get back on track with my sleep schedule (trying to avoid falling asleep right now, although feeling lousy and maybe going to stay in bed all night anyway)... hopefully everything will be great for Thursday evening.

Oh yea- ALSO- instead of doing my 2 or 3 miles yesterday, I swam laps for 25 minutes. That was interesting.
I actually feel THAT more in my muscles than any of my other gym days.

Even though I SHOULD go down there today, I think I deserve a day off today.
I mean, I did a SHOW, right?

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