06 May, 2010


This is the 911th post, and it sure looks like this blog needs some emergency resuscitation.

WELL- the update.
Tonight is the first night since April 24th that I will not do my three miles on the elliptical or the treadmill. I've been super good (well, exercise-wise, not so much eating-wise...on the road and all), and I am giving myself a day off. So there.

The show is STAGED. And re-staged and tweaked and tightened...wow, sounds like some sort of machine that should be in the garage that you repair on weekends.

But anyway. It's good. And I mean- challenging, dramatic, so many things to think about good.

A few things:
Costumes are vintage 1930s. This means I shouldn't eat for the next three 15 days before opening so that those flowy lanky long, NON-A-Line dresses look good.
I have a LOT of costumes, including a wedding dress- which is funny because I was thinking to myself- maybe if it's really pretty...I can buy it for my self! But, no, it's period also- long sleeves, train, and all...so, not really my style.

More things to say about character the arc, the colleagues, but right now. It's my night off...from everything. Really tired and tomorrow is the first stumble-through/work-through..and so I will shut up, drink my water, have my mucinex (oh yea, my allergies are INSANE here and they have NEVER been bad before ever)...and hope that by tomorrow the high g will feel easy breezy and beautiful...not like I'm trying to drive a mac truck up my vocal cords.

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