15 May, 2010


I'm called to the theater in 2.5 hours for our piano dress. Yep, first time in costumes. That should be interesting.

And what have I done so far today?
Well, actually, I woke up around 9am, hung out in bed online until 11:30, went to the gym for 35 minutes--but only managed to do 2 miles cuz my sides started cramping up- what is UP with that? I thought I had conquered it! And now I barely got through 25 min. on the treadmill having to switch between jogging and speed walking for the whole thing. Bummer.

Did the situps and pushups...came back to my room...aaaaaand since then- have been watching design shows on hgtv.
I THINK it's safe to say that I want my own house or my own place or something that I get to decorate and build...and not be told that I can't put that up on the wall because of the hole it will create for the next tenant. buzzkill again.

Oh yea- and have I eaten or had anything to drink?
Nope. Will rectify that situation now, although I'm running out of food and may need to make a run for MORE wraps, turkey slices, cheese, and cherry tomatoes, my staple foods in the mini-fridge for the last 2.5 weeks.

I can't believe we open this week. I mean, actually I CAN. In a GOOD way.
I am excited for my family, for my friends to come see me in this large-and-in-charge role. I know I will be nervous. There is no doubt. But hopefully getting to entertain the people close to me and do what I love will alleviate the probable butterflies once I'm out there and know how many people are excited to be there for me.

Fun times.

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