11 May, 2010


I was on the treadmill today-- walked for 5 minutes and then JOGGED until 3 miles at a pace of just under 11 minutes per mile.
That has not EVER happened.

No stopping, no heart palpitations, no side stitches.

I know, I know. It's not SUCH a big deal to people who actually know how to do this, enjoy doing it, and can do it WELL.

But I have always had problems running...and generally haven't liked it at all.
This wasn't SO bad.
30 minutes of my life that I didn't feel like I was panting for breath and wishing my sides wouldn't be curled up in pain...
and that's pretty ok.

Final room run tonight...
and a rehearsal for my mad scene costume which involves taking off a wedding dress while singing, and making sure the teensy weensy slip underneath it does not show what it's not supposed to show.

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