10 May, 2010

day off

It's a Monday and we have the day off.
Tomorrow- workthrough a few scenes in the afternoon, and then our final room run.

Let's leave that for a while and talk about the insane craptastic mucus that is currently sitting ON, right below, or right above my cords, and that I can neither swallow, cough out, or do anything about.

What is THAT about?

Allergies were horrid last week. Full blown congestion and cough...so I took an OTC antihistamine and also mucinex.

It's been one week. My nose is totally clear, I'm not coughing, but I have this sticky phlegm still stuck in my throat and if I sing on it, I'm straining and I know it.

Not acceptable.
I've been half marking half singing all week and I WANT to sing full out tomorrow, and I also want to wake up with none of this crap in my throat.

It's especially affecting the top, and in THIS case of the show, since we're doing the scenes a step up, it's making my regularly very easy G sound like a not-as-easy A or B.

The F's are still easily there, but they also don't feel amazing.

Can you please give me my regular throat and voice back?

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