20 May, 2010

it's the day of the show y'all..

Opening niiiiiiiiight.

I slept WELL! Shocking.
Turned the tv off somewhere between 12:30-1am, and FORGOT to turn my DANG alarm off from yesterday, so that went off at 8:30. Rolled around in bed and half-slept until 10.
I think that's pretty good!

Today's schedule:
Water, banana, Skype, workout (maybe swim laps instead of workout..that felt good), lunch with family that is in town, relax and shut up until my 6pm call.

Oh yea, write some cards and stuff, get there early and distribute said cards and candy and chocolate.

Oh yea, and run through the show in my head and warm up....riiiight. that too!


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grahamophone said...

Toi! Toi! Toi! from one of your fans "at home"!