01 May, 2010


For some reason I'm not feeling very bloggy YET about the mad scene staging. It actually went really really well (we got to everything but the Spargi), and I am feeling inspired, with a lot of good choices that I get to make and to see how they take me in the arc of both that aria and the entire piece.

Maybe once the whole thing is staged I can do a line by line emotional/physical staging breakdown..for my own character exploration purposes.

But in the meantime, clocked 4 miles in on the treadmill today- and actually JOGGED 2 of them...well, ok it was only going at a 12 minute mile..but still...I speed-walked half a mile, jogged a mile, speed walked a bit more, and then did another mile, and then warmed down.

I am not ready to write about fitness goals here just yet, because truthfully, I'm not feeling or seeing anything different besides the fact that I can JOG 12 minutes without feeling like my chest is imploding in on me and I'm having a massive asthma and panic attack all rolled into one...

But what I would REALLY like is if I could keep this 30-40 minute a day thing going...and get 3 miles in daily plus my situps and pushups.
It's NOT a lot, but it's something. I think it's manageable, and I will try.
That is all for now.

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