19 May, 2010

day before the show

I had t wake up early to do a local tv interview today.
Oh, local television, how I love thee.

First there was a local baker who taught us how to make pistaccio mascarpone frosting for cupcakes that were really mini-wedding cakes.
(cuz one of the anchor men guys is getting married this weekend).

Then there was an 80 year old reporter doing a story about new 'gifts and gadgets for dads and grads'. YES! the 80 year old was like- ipad? what? iwhaaat? netbook? what is that?

Then there was a guy talking about financial management and one of his 5 tips were "bundle"- meaning, your phone, your internet and your web. REALLY? did we NOT all do that in 2002? Thanks.
The other was "collect your documents" and then 'go paperless'! and he said it would be a bit trouble-some for the older viewers. NICE.

And then- me.
Talking about the opera, how I got into it, (after my affair with Musical Theater), and WHY should people come see an opera?

Well- among other things I said : Drama, emotion, blood, guts, love, hate..and teenage angst. So, hopefully I represented it well.

Watching the online clip is aalllllmost unbearable though. I feel like I make the silliest faces and non-symmetrical expressions...

Whatever, my family thinks it's good and they still all love me, right?

SO. Opening night tomorrow!
YES, I have slept like crap for 2 days. It's probably because of the early wake-up calls for the final dress and this interview.
I'm HOPING that I get a decent night's sleep tonight...even though, I know I'll be nervous.

What I want to do today:
Go over all my words, and dramatic action...speed-style and real-style.
But not sing probably.

I've already done my 3 miles on the elliptical, but I"m considering an evening laps in the pool session followed by some hot tubbing. Maybe that will help me relax.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I luvya, tomorrow, you're only a Daaaaay, Aaaaaa-Waaaayyyyyyy.....

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