26 May, 2010

the countdown

In a week and a day I'll be home.
In between that time, I will have:
a dentist appointment, a caterer appointment, a dress pickup appointment, a meet with the jazz band appointment, a flight to the West, a concert, a flight back, an and an attempt to pass a 50.6 pound bag through the checked bag lane next week.

For the first appointment of today, I'm just hoping they don't keep bugging me about my wisdom teeth. Who has time to get their wisdom teeth out? I mean, REALLY?

Yes, I know, the xrays show that mine have been impacted BUT HAVEN"T MOVED from that position...for the past 10 years...
Yes, I know that every time I go they say I should have a consultation with the oral surgeon. No, I have not followed up.

But I don't want to be one of those people that has a horrible surgery at the age of 45 and a really bad recovery time. Or worse, to have the teeth actually start to move at a time when I CAN"T have the surgery.

The plus to them saying that I may need to get them out: I'll have to do it this summer in Deutschland--which means, once I get on a plan...that actually it shouldn't be as crazy expensive as it is in the US.
The minus-- I'll have to get it done in Deutschland...with no recommendations of people that don't mess up singer's mouths and lives forever!

Back to menu planning.

In musical news, I have approximately 25 days to learn 3 operetta songs that I signed up for in some competition...d'oh! Why did I DO that?
Ok, one of them I should already totally know, from Die Fledermaus.
But the other two I will most likely NEVER have to know ever again...which is not much motivation for learning the 3 verses of German and the 2 verses of French.

But I'll dooo eeeet!

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