10 February, 2009

a whole bunch of auditions

Getting ready to begin a whole month and a half long of auditions.

I actually like auditions usually--unlike most singers who would just rather do what they do onstage during a performance and feel a weird pressure to compress themselves into a 7-10 minute version of themselves as an artist.

Of course, I do feel like sometimes I'm compressing myself into that 7-10 minutes (preferably 10-12 if they hear any part of Zerbinetta plus another aria...ha)...

And I think that I play a good 'game' about how to present myself, with what repertoire I choose, and why.

For example- audition today for a large festival.
Well, I go to the website, and see who is cast in this summer's operas. What kind of voices they are taking for what kind of roles.
Ahh----yes, normal (to my eyes) casting of the -ina/ettas (not some full lyric or famous person singing the cutesy roles.
And what about next year's rep? Well a quick glance ahead reveals some Mozart with more of those soubretty roles that could be sung by just about any voice type as long as they act well, look great, and possibly have some international buzz about them (at least that's what I see from this year's list).

So. I have a choice.
I can either start right off with the Zerb, which yes, puts me in my own category of "high/crazy" that I love...however--may not show them that I have a middle and low that can be negotiated IF they were to consider me for an -ina/etta role.
Or I can start out with DurchZ which is inherently coloratura because of the high notes and runs but deceptively shows a cute character, something that could be thought of as the same as a Zerlina/Despina/Marie, etc...

Of course, choice 2 prevails, and I still offer the Zerb so they see it's on my list along with other mostly coloratura stuff that's harder to cast all the time.

How did today go?

Well--I THINK well...I FELT good about it (high notes, shaping of phrases, maybe the one low E was a little less supported than I wanted, fun to act, etc)..but I think I've lost a bit of the ability to tell since I am more involved in the performance (a good thing) and less involved in everything else that gets in the way (a good thing also).

If there was something WAY out of the ordinary that I could hear as I was making the 'mistake'...then yes, I'd know..(and I would HOPE that would never happen unless I was sick and singing...always a bad idea, and caught me ONCE off guard this past fall)

But otherwise (for better or for worse) I think I've built up this repertoire so much that my level of singing is always on par with where I want it to be and where it should be OR higher.

Sure, I got off of a plane yesterday and was more tired/dry throat-ed (?) than usual...but I don't THINK that made a difference.

I had fun.
AND they picked a new-(-er) aria for my 2nd piece which I think is just gorgeous and magical and, well, FAIRY-like...

So hopefully some magic fairy dust will rub off on me for this one or the next however many are upcoming in my travels.

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