14 February, 2009

berlin day 2

The performance last night of Cassandra/Elektra was exactly what I needed as an "introduction", or, RE-introduction to Germany after 2 years...last time when I lived in Munich I blogged for the entire summer about the amazing and sometimes euro-trashy Munich Opera Festival productions...and now I feel right back at home with new insanity, crazy staging, and in your face singing.

I knew that night was going to be interesting when the stage opened on a male chorus painted white and wearing suits--I mean face, hair, everything.
Then when the set opened to reveal a blood-soaked soprano wielding an axe--it just got better from there.

There was a King painted red, a PIT of cork and rubber pieces that made up the entire staging for Electra, bodies (rubber/decapitated) being thrown through a chute-like contraption 20 feet above the pit of black and gray cork.

Sadly, I can't offer my i-pic-a-day photo today...because...I haven't really brought my iphone anywhere with me, nor have I turned it on. I'm still a bit nervous about the data transfer EVEN though the nice man at customer service assured me that if I only use wifi mode that it shouldn't charge me.
Not taking chances.

This morning I woke up around 6am EVEN though I only went to bed after midnight..AND I had to sing in a competition that I had to show up for at 9:30am.
I was led to a warm-up room, had about 25 minutes to warm up before my pianist showed up, we sang through 3 songs, I was led into the room to sing for the panel, and they asked for Queen after Chacun.

The German went by a bit too quickly for me to understand EVERYTHING they were saying to me, but it still went well...and so I'll hear if I hear..and if not...then I won't and I'll consider it my first 'audition' here that went well.

SO tired right now, and am going to see another opera this evening--perhaps a 40 minute nap is in order.

OH. And then I spent the afternoon being a tourist in Mitte.
More on that and 'impressions of Berlin' later.

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