07 February, 2009

Last Performance

Tomorrow night (well, tonight really, since it's 1:10am) is our last performance.
How do I feel after 7 and before the 8th show?
Still as fresh and excited about it as day one.
Of course, now it feels a bit more routine and we've settled into a rhythm on stage--which we now can work with, around, and inside out of.

Even MORE fun!

All in all, for a debut with a new company in a new role, I'm really happy with my time here. I'd be happy to do the role again (and next time beg again for the aria to not be cut, and probably get my hopes dashed once again...oh well), because I find a lot of humor and humanity in the show.

It's not just slapstick funny and it's not just a little kid's fairy tale.

Not much else to write besides updating those long lists of things that I need to do before I leave the country...which I have not done.

What I HAVE done is pack the big checked suitcase up, and try to pack as little into the carry-on that I'll be converting into my 5 week closet next week.

That's a start....with about 36 hours before I actually get on an airplane to cold NYC.....right?

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