10 February, 2009

masters of packing unite

Check it out.
My red carry on suitcase, a little black day bag, and voila--
Just in case you need to know what's inside:

Big (lil') Red:
1 black leggings
3 dresses that go over leggings
1 pair of 7s
1 pair of hot black pants
1 Jlo-esque velvet PJ/workout(ha) outfit (sweatshirt and sweats)
2 warm sweaters (green and red)
4 shirts to wear under stuff: white, black, black, brown
1 audition outfit (black w/red trim)
1 pair black heels
---assortment of UNDIES and SOCKS (probably 1.5 week worth)
1 pair grey low boots
1 pair of uggs (that I'll be wearing most of the time so I'm not packing them or feeling the need to make sure they fit in the suitcase)
1 Upcoming-Opera score
1 Portfolio of "materials"- itinerary, 10 copies each of resume/Bio/Cover letters in English/German and 15 headshots.
Bare minimum amt. of toiletries, makeup, 1.4 oz lotions and such, hair thingies, 1 set of audition jewelry,
1 Lonely planet guide to Germany
1 Berlitz "German Vocabulary" book
1 pouch of WIRES (2 phone chargers, camera battery charger, camera,
1 Dual Volt mini-hairdryer

All that and it's not ridiculously heavy OR overstuffed.

In the day bag (right now)- subject to re-arrangement depending on where I'm going and for how long:
1 pair shiny blue heels
1 Audition dress (blue/white)
1 pair stockings
Hat, Scarf, gloves, audition binder.

AND in my purse (which is big enough to fit a binder, but not too much of a 'sac'/bag"
Macbook, eurail pass, wallet, passport, headphones, iphone, german cell phone, sour altoids, pitch pipe.


(what am I forgetting?)

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Alan said...

My God, you can pack. That's a miracle.