15 February, 2009


Hello from snowy Leipzig.

I spent the day mostly inside in Berlin because it was snowing from the top but on the street it was freezing rain. I ventured out for an AMAZING lunch of middle-eastern food from the section of town that really knows what it's talking about.
Falafel sandwich for 2.50Eur...enough to feed two. So money baby. And you didn't even know it.

In the evening I had my FIRST Eurail pass experience!
Yes, I bought a 15 ride pass to be used to and from anywhere in Europe, over 2 months.

At approximately 4:49 (after gorging myself on Hummus) I arrived at the Berlin Hbh, found the track number (1), three flights down, ran with my CARRY ON suitcase, and boarded the train at 4:55, with a prompt departure time of 4:58.

One hour and nine minutes later I arrived in Leipzig to meet a 'school friend' (from our Master's degree years), who is singing in a Fest contract here.

Even though we haven't kept in the best of touch over the year and a half he has been abroad, it was like no time passed at ALL (except for news of engagement and upcoming marriage that I had no idea about!).
I almost forgot how laugh-out-loud funny he is, and I'm glad that he has agreed to host me on my one or two (haven't decided yet) days in town.

Tomorrow I have my first "european agent audition"...which really is nothing different (I suppose) than any other audition I've ever done.

Bring my materials, bring my rep, wait around, sing...only difference is I will probably get immediate feedback.
I think it will be fun to see what a first impression someone gets from me and how they tell me while I'm standing right in front of them--not with a filter of an email, a follow up call a month later for feedback, or even some sort of form letter....or, as is common in the states...no feedback at all.

I'm feeling good and still excited about everything so far.
Auditions are shaping up, I feel healthy (knock on wood), I am still in awe of my suitcase skilzz every time I close that baby up and navigate my way outside to the Ubahn, Sbahn, bus, tram and train.

The one thing I know I'm missing out on a bit is being a 'tourist'.
Yes, I have the "let's go Germany" book, and I DO want to see things...but the pressure is on to stay healthy, not be in the cold for too long, and not wander about while important emails or phonecalls could be received at the other end inviting me to some end of the continent or other.

I'm keeping a lower profile than usual but I hope that with more time and experience with travel everything will become more routine and I'll have time to explore and feel ok about spending it outside walking around in the freezing cold--not worrying about how many Ricola I have left.

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