01 February, 2009


So, including dress rehearsal, we have performed this show 7 times in 9 days.
That's quite a bit of singing, a lot of energy given and received on stage, and in general, pretty much of a whirlwind kind of week and a few days.

Tonight was the last of those performances that were "in a row-ish", and now we get to sit pretty until THURSDAY night, our next performance.

I don't know WHAT I'll do with myself.
We do have a brush-up musical rehearsal on Tuesday, but in the meantime--a whole 5 days to ..what?
Learn other music? I suppose that would be a GOOD choice.
Go to the beach? Well, it's chilly here and unless this cold front moves on, that would be a bust.

I started packing today.
Even though I"ll be here for another 9 days.
There are certain things I know I won't wear again, I won't need again, or that I can just put in the suitcase no matter what, and if I do need to dig it out, it will be on the top.

I did a bit better than usual with my outfits this time. I think I only didn't wear about 5 shirts, and both pairs of capri pants that I brought.
That's pretty good. I wore all of the shoes, worked out a whopping TWO times and did use my gym clothes and sneaks.

There are two scores for summer-roles that I brought that I haven't cracked open (there is still time, though!), I have looked at upcoming-score a lot, and otherwise I don't think I have that much "stuff".

It's sad and exciting to begin to slowly put things away here.
It means I know it's almost over, and I can start looking forward to the next adventure, but it also means that I've gotten to a point here where I'm comfortable and having fun, and just being in the moment on stage, hanging out with new friends, and living up these last days of performance both on stage and off.

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