20 February, 2009

burger king wireless

Hello from the free wireless network at the Oslo main train station's burger king.
Yep, I'm going to admit it.
Instead of a sampling of may raw fish and herring or some crazy pork-filled ball in soup, I rewarded my good audition this morning with a whopper. And fries. Ok, it was a value meal. Don't judge.

A few things before I head downstairs to find my correct track number and get on the right train (and not miss any of my very very close connections that I have to make over the next 27 hours):

1. Queen of the night seems to be the benchmark aria. Even when I don't offer it, they see it on my resume. And they ask for it. After I just sang them a high E in DurchZ and held it and did things with it. Whatever. Bring it on. It's just one note higher and lord knows I've got 4 or 5 more to spare.

2. My taxi driver this morning was from Somalia. Uhh...did no one else let him in somewhere warmer? Wow. It's not like you had to go through political strife and then get sent to sunny Spain or something. But a taxi driver in Oslo?

3. Everyone wants to know about Obama and how he will hopefully reshape the American image abroad. Also, when I say I'm "from New York" they get all excited like it's the best city in the world that they've never been to and some magical and enchanted place like Disneyland.

4. Cheese DOES last over 24 hours without being refrigerated.

5. Oh. I have a good story about my audition in Berlin and the girl who sang after me.
All about audition etiquette and notes to NEVER forget about how your audition BEGINS as SOON as you walk into the room. More on that later.

6. The Rail Platform worker in Copenhagen told me to be very careful about showing my passport to people in Denmark...because of where I was born. WHAT?!

7. It's usually a good idea to check whether you need a visa to get into any countries outside of the EU. My bad. Didn't need one, but that could have been really really not good.

Bottom line- I LOVE doing all of this on the fly. I've been here for exactly ONE week and already this entire trip is worth it with just the 3 mainstage auditions I've had.

Yes, I have my moments of panic...but that is what the trusty iphone is for...and no matter what...even if I get stuck somewhere (crossing fingers and knocking on wood that it does NOT happen), I will explore some new place and most likely make the best of it.

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