12 February, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane

My flight takes off at 7:45 tonight.
I had an early audition today, a lovely brunch/lunch, spent the afternoon relaxing, checking out travel websites, making sure my iphone won't charge me a million dollars when I try to turn it on in Europe, and basically doing the opposite of freak out about anything.

Even though just about EVERYTHING is up in the air here..I'm kind of ok with that.
I don't know where I'm staying past the 19th of February (and yes, I'm staying until March 22)--but maybe that's ok!

I think everything will work out.

I realized today that the one thing I DID forget was the cable for my camera-to-computer, so I think I'm going to start a project called iPic-a-day, in which I take an iphone picture of something and upload it.
This is contingent upon me being able to access free wifi after having turned off the roaming data charges on the phone, and also contingent upon any of the iphone pics actually looking decent (of course, not as good as a real camera, which I shall also be using).

And so with those few words...and my usual high expectations...
I'm off.

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