30 June, 2011

home sweet home

Well, I made it to the 2nd round, sang well, and then didn't get chosen to move on.
That's quite alright since I flew home today in time to have dinner with my manager who is in Europe for 2 weeks for numerous meetings with big opera houses...which of course I'm hoping will lead to some nice introductions/auditions/work for me (as a member of the roster who lives abroad and in these people's 'backyard') in the future.

What can I say about competitions? Most of the ones I've been in I have not won. Some I have. The majority of the time, I see clear political/teacher connections with who wins and who is on the jury and who has the most buzz around them that summer or season. Some people win competitions. Some people have steady work.
I'll take steady work, please.

I am home now and hope to NOT have to travel for the next 2 months at least.
Took a shower in my own bathroom, used my nice soft towels, wearing my favorite warm sweatshirt, and relaxing in MY OWN BED.

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