26 June, 2011

on the road again

Tomorrow morning I have an early morning one-hour flight.
I'll be singing for a competition this time.
And it's one of those where you get there, and have to get through a bunch of rounds before the final- and of course, they only tell you at 9pm every evening who makes it to the next round.
So- I could either be back here on Thursday, OR I could be back here on Friday, OR Saturday, OR Sunday, etc. etc. you get the picture.

That makes packing a little bit stressful.
I have my normal audition outfit (which I most likely will NOT wear for the first heat- I'll go a little more upscale, but still knee-length). I have two knee-length 'fancy' dresses, and I'm contemplating taking a full length gown IF I make it to the end or nearing the end.
Arrghhh..shoving those huge gowns in my bag is just NOT going to make me a happy camper.
DHL? Fedex? Deutsche-Post anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of rolling when packing gowns and other dresses. You can kind of cushion them and prevent creases by rolling with dry cleaners' bags. Also, I like fabrics that can be steamed out. I put a gown on a hanger, knock a ceiling tile in the bathroom out of place, and then turn on the shower as hot as possible, and close the bathroom door. On the right dress, the wrinkles just fall out.