20 June, 2011

working session

Tomorrow I have to get on a train and do a 'kind of' audition.
I already sang one audition for this company, and they were impressed enough to ask me to come do a working session with their asst. conductor/director.
That's never happened to me before, so I don't really know what to expect.
First of all, this is a modern piece, which I have never sung, nor do I have the score to. Just two short excerpts which I learned for the audition last month (and quickly forgot--which is what the train ride is for tomorrow).
Secondly, if you liked me and my high notes enough in the audition- what more is there to test?
Whether I can sing those high note AGAIN? Whether I get the 'musical crazy/modernity' of the piece?
My German?

I'm just not sure.
It's in a room, not onstage, so I'm certainly not dressing up audition-style or anything.
But again, it's like a mix of 'cool' and 'd'oh' at the same time-
Cool that they liked me so much that they want to work with me again---
D'oh that they didn't get the 100% YES impression from my audition to just hire me on the spot for a crazy super modern weirdo piece of music.

And I get that. What I'm HOPING is that they may be bringing in one or two other people that they are SURE are singing the show (probably current fest people)...to maybe do some of the other parts with me? I have no idea.
I also don't know how long this will last.
I mean- a 2 hour high-g singing session, or what?
Will I be on a train for 2.5 hours, sing for one, and then immediately turn around to go home?

Tomorrow will tell.

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