09 June, 2011

24 hours of crazy part 2.2

We last met at midnight on Tuesday night, as I was attempting to quickly fall asleep so that I could wake up 5 hours later and drive to city B for an 11am show.

Woke up at 5am after not really sleeping (come on, this is obvious now...if I have to wake up early/with an alarm and there is stress involved, I will NOT SLEEP at all).
It was POURING rain.

So from 5:20-7:20 my better half drove and I tried to doze, from 7:20-9:15 I drove.
We arrived at the OperWohnung, I took a quick shower, got dressed and HOPED that I was still warmed up from the night before as I left for my makeup call.

Picked up a bagel with shmear on the way (the ONE city I DON"T live in that has a GREAT US style bagel place..ugh..although, I guess it's a good thing otherwise I'd be many kilos overweight from eating bagels everyday).

Arrived to my makeup call bleary-eyed and with last night's eyeliner still on.

Finished makeup, attempted a warm up, notes were still there, so I waited backstage for my entrance, did my thing, and then raced back to the apartment.

Drank some water, went immediately to sleep.
Woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon feeling awful and dehydrated.
Slept another hour.
Chugged water, ate an apple, packed up my things to move to a good friend's apartment for the evening (since I had to STAY in current-city because of: a MAINSTAGE audition on THURSDAY! Even though they already hired me for Queen, they needed to hear me for something else specific in the near-future)
So- walk to my friend's apartment and get some air, feeling a bit more relaxed but still exhausted.
From 6:30-8:30pm, sit on couch and drink water and read a David Sedaris book to chill out.
8:30- pasta and veggie dinner
10pm- SLEEP
7am- drilling outside the window wakes me up but I feel totally rested.
7-10am stay in bed and relaaaax and drink more water.
10-11:30- shower, get ready, do a few lip trills

12- show up to the opera, warm up for 30 min. feeling GOOD.
Check into KBB, rehearse briefly with the pianist, sing the audition (zerb/oscar), get on my train HOME!

LET ME JUST MENTION that the CRAZY of other singers definitely tried to RUB OFF onto me today.
There was an American baritone there for an audition. Clearly trying to be calm cool and collected, and clearly nervous.
Mentioned backstage that his throat feels dry.
I offer him a ricola- he's like can I take two? You're so nice..that's exactly how I would be in the US, not everyone is like that.
He continues to freak about his music and try to shake everyone's hand that passes him by and introduce himself (even though they are all stagehands--and I know this because I worked with them this past week).
He is first and sings some big baritone thing that I don't know.
Walks offstage and is like- that felt good. it was good, right? I mean, did YOU think it was good? I thought it was good. did you hear my voice shaking at all? could you tell? and i'm like- DUDE, first of all the 2nd person is SINGING RIGHT NOW. 2nd of all I"M ABOUT TO SING! Let me do my little stretches and silent lip trills and stop freaking out about what you JUST DID!

So yea, the crazy tried to overtake me...but I would not have it.
I was just quiet, nodded my head in agreement, and did my thing.

24 hours of crazy part 3 includes MORE AIR TRAVEL on Monday and Tuesday.

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