07 June, 2011

24 hours of crazy part 2.1

Tuesday 9am (after a crappy night's sleep in a foreign bed in an OperWohnung): Get up and get ready for an 11 am performance. Realize around 9am that I have forgotten my passport. And that I have a FLIGHT from German city A to German city B at 2:45. Call Lufthansa. Get assurance that if I have a COPY of my passport and a German driver's license (which thankfully I DO have), I SHOULD be ok.
12:20- starts POURING rain in city A. I get on a train for the airport.
1pm-2:45pm FREAKING out at the airport because if my flight does NOT leave at 2:45 and arrive at 3:40, after which I have to get in a car, drive for another hour to reach city 2, I will NOT make my makeup call.

Freak out includes:
Think about renting a CAR and driving for 4.5 hours through the pouring rain. BUT, I had time at the airport...do I just GET in the car NOW and maybe make it even though I have to drive through horrid weather, OR do I take the chance that it will clear up and NOT rent a car, but WAIT for the plane? If the plane is late, it's already too late to rent a car.

OK so as I'm watching the rain PELT the runway..I'm waiting and waiting...and FINALLY- the SUN!!! here comes the sun! doot 'n doo doo!!!

Plane arrives, gets emptied, gets cleaned, we BOARD it AND leave ON TIME!
And we LAND! ON TIME! Except for taking that SILLY bus from the plane to the terminal- why do I always have to be on the flight that parks at the FARTHEST possible spot away from the terminal? Thanks.

Get picked up by the husband and his family who are coming to see the show tonight in city B for the first time (no pressure or anything!), AND get to the theater in PLENTY of time to re-warm up, eat a sandwich, get into makeup, feel totally exhausted, and still rock out my last queen of the night in city B.

Part 2.1 continues RIGHT NOW- as I have to get back to CITY A tomorrow before 9:30am.
I am back at home, and will have to get on the road at 5am.
Yea, it's 11:40pm right now.
Wish me luck with that whole energy thing tomorrow please.


Kate said...

nothing but good luck and positive vibes - you will
ROCK that performance too!!!

me said...

thanks! it's 5am, pouring rain, I'm about to hit the road. Wow, it's early.