24 June, 2011

24 hours of crazy part 4


I arrived back from London after a rainy/sunny/rainy/cold/warm day and a half.
I had yet again, NOT the best airport ordeal on my flight over-
in short:
1 flight cancellation and missed connection,
2 overbooked standby flights,
and a two hour delay on my actual rebooked flight (6.5 hours in the airport later), and my one hour flight to London arrived.

I guess it was better to fly direct in the end than through copenhagen, but that time in the airport was definitely hectic as I was running from one Lufthansa gate to the next seeing which possible flight would have room for the standby passengers.

Audition was good- sang Rosina and then was asked for Zerb from So War.
The hall was lovely, but they were having issues with the volume of the piano (which was in the pit and under an overhang)- they didn't have whoever is usually backstage to set a monitor level so pretty much all of the singers didn't hear a note of the piano while they were singing, only when there was a musical interlude in the arias.

Anyway- I thought it was fun and I did a good job. As always, we just have to wait and see.

I am really hoping to do as little as possible this weekend.
I'm flying to Vienna on Monday morning for ONE last week/few days of crazy-- a competition and hopefully some coachings if I can fit them in.

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