04 June, 2011

24hrs of crazy part 1

This segment will be continued this week and next--but for now:

Last night- Koenigin performance until 9:59. Run off stage, wait (im)patiently for the wig to come off, having already half stripped in the makeup/wig room but holding everything up around me to remain decent, get the costume off, get the street clothes on, RUN to the hauptbahnhof and make a train at 10:10PM so that I can be home by MIDNIGHT.
Why midnight? Well, from 12-12:09am, pack my music for audition tomorrow, find my audition outfit and heels, get my bag ready and my water bottle filled, so that I can SLEEP from 12:10-5am.

Sleep like crap (obviously, because I have to wake up early, and whenever I have an alarm set for super early I never sleep well), wake up at 5am in the middle of a horrible dream that I was at the audition and they asked for pieces of music that I didn't know.
Take a shower, DRY MY HAIR (this takes a longer time these days since it's so LONG and I haven't had TIME to get it cut in like...8 months..awesome). 5:26 out the door, 5:30- tram to the hauptbahnhof, 5:44 walk to the platform, 6am, catch a TGV train for an audition 2 hours away.

Can't sleep on the train because it smells like ... it's not ladylike to say, but...the bathroom...in a BAD way, and a kid is crying in my train car but I'm too tired to go find another seat even though I'm sure if I walked for about 30 seconds I could have some peace and quiet.

8am- arrive at audition hauptbahnhof. Still too early to check into the audition, and I'm exhausted- where to sit indoors and kill and hour? McCafe.
Order a tea, review this new insane music that I've been requested to bring to the audition (modern piece that has like some cowbell and chimes and then I have to find my note out of thin air), attempt to do some lip trills. Fail- it's too early and I'm too tired.

9am- start walking through the city to the opera house. 9:20- arrive at the opera house, check in at the artist entrance, get directed to the KBB office (stop in the bathroom first to put my audition clothes on so I don't walk in there in my sweatpants and University sweatshirt which is my favored travel outfit), check in at the KBB- I'm first, surprise, surprise.
List my arias, go warm up. FINALLY in the warmup room my voice and body decide to wake up a little.
25 min. later I got to rehearse with the pianist who also just got this modern music yesterday...
One hour later- I'm the first audition.
I know they need to hear a high F and a high G, so I just flat out say- I have Queen aria, or modern-aria, or I can start with Zerbinetta as I usually do.
They say start with Zerb.
Then I get a break and the next singer goes on. After her, I'm asked for modern-crazy aria (that I have brought, not the one I was required to learn).
And immediately after modern-crazy aria they ask for the excerpt.
I rock that as well, and then they say thanks and ask me what note I 'warm up' to when I warm up...
I mean....When I am really messing around and trying to see how high I actually can still squeak out, it's a B above high C. So, that one.
Although I think it's just fine if the highest that I sing is the interpolated Aflat in the Doll Song.

11:29- end of my audition, there is a train at 11:49 back at the Hauptbahnhof -- IF I run, and don't change out of my audition outfit and just put my sneaks back on, I can most likely make it.

And so, I run.
I even had a minute to get some apple juice for the train ride home (it was a local train with no on-board snack shop), and FINALLY, after falling asleep and then being woken up by the announcements for 3 hours worth of a train ride, a station exchange and a quick walk back to the apartment, I"M HOME.

Exhausted, but home.
24 hours of crazy part 2 begins on Tuesday.


grahamophone said...

Here's wishing you MORE COWBELL! for Tuesday. Geez!

jessica, your soprano who steps out said...

Amazing! Love your blog!

me said...

Thanks, both-- trying to relax as much as possible today and get ready for another round of TehCrazy.