22 June, 2011

the wrong side of the street. again.

In a few hrs. I'll be flying to London (via Copenhagen)...to experience about 32 hours of British accents (hopefully this one will be easier to understand than in Glasgow), maybe some fish and chips (after my audition?!), and looking the 'wrong' way down the street before crossing to see if a car is coming.

Until I have to leave the house in approximately 90 minutes, I will be cleaning it, packing, remembering to take my PASSPORT this time (!), and printing out the google maps of where I have to go.

Oh yes, and my 'working session' yesterday was approximately 25 minutes of singing with the conductor in the room, as well as the original two people who were at my stage audition, and a pianist.
Same 2 short excerpts. And then he was like- ok that's all I need to hear.

Uh- ok.

So the purpose of that 2 hour and 45 minute train ride was to stand in a little rehearsal room with you just so you could make sure that I can decrescendo on a high F and crescendo on a high G?
You're welcome :)

I don't know when they'll make a decision or if they have 'working sessions' with any other singers that they liked after me or before me. Either way, I sang it well so that's all I can say about that.

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grahamophone said...

SFOGATO! That's a word I learned and then forgot again because I never, EVER have to use it. Until I met you. M-kay?
You sfogato you passaporta.