29 June, 2011

round 1 (well, 2 really)

Since I already made it through, this round is actually considered the "Quarterfinalist" round..even though it's the first one to take place abroad with all of the individual city-finalists.

I went to sleep early, woke up early, had a nice breakfast, warmed up in the shower and in my hotel room (thankfully no knock on the door asking me to stop vocalizing at 10:30 in the morning).
Took two outfits to the theater- my audition outfit (normal black tight knee length dress) and another silver dress (also knee length) that was a bit more dressy.

You really never know with competition, but I was really surprised that almost EVERYONE there decided to wear FULL LENGTH gowns - for the FIRST round! Really? We have three more to go and then a final concert- did you bring 4 gowns with you?
Anyway, that was a bummer. Because I like my 'normal' audition outfit..and while this silver dress is snazzy, it makes me feel more 'cocktail' than 'stage audition' - even though it's very pretty.

My time to sing came and went, and then about 20 minutes later I went onstage, announced my name and my piece, and began.

With competitions, you really just NEVER KNOW. I'm in a German-speaking country, that does a LOT of German opera, and the Intendants and Jury should ALL know Zerbinetta- the high notes, the low notes, what it should sound like, etc.
I didn't start with Queen because of everyone's personal opinions about how dramatic it should sound.
I didn't start with Glitter because although it's a showpiece, it doesn't show a 'beautiful voice'...just a lot of good acting.
I didn't start with Una Voce in F because I assume the mezzos will.
I didn't start with Olympia because it's 2 verses, and I think not as interesting as the Zerb.

So- that leaves me with Zerbinetta.
Of course, the pianist was NOT excited to play it. When I said let's just have fun, she was like, you have fun, I'll be concentrating on the notes.
And so, let's just say I didn't get the strongest support that I could have from her, but still nothing close to a train wreck.

I sang it well, as I would in a normal audition. Felt good about it even though it took the pianist the first half of the page (from so war) to get into a nice rhythm with me.

And now I wait. Until 8pm when they put up the results...will number 25 be on the list?
We shall see.

Either way, I did this competition in 2007 as well, and I already know- it has nothing to do with me or my voice. As usual in most competitions- they are all looking for something... I may not be it that day.

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grahamophone said...

Ah, Wien, Wien nur du allein....
This is a blog-post in and of itself, but it's late, I'm bored and I can't sleep.
I remember doing the same competition way back when and after I'd been weeded out for the finals, I just enjoyed my "Gespritzen" at the reception and was standing with a well-known (since retired) agent I knew from Düsseldorf. He and I were commenting on the dresses ("Oh my, that looks like a curtain! Look at the roses!"). That was fun! I also ran into Alexander Joel there, who was not yet GMD in Braunschweig (we also knew each other from D'dorf). I told him I wasn't so good at the whole schmoozing part of the biz. He said, "Well, i guess since I'm a conductor, you should technically be rubbing elbows with me." Fun times, fun times....
You get to hang out for a few days in Vienna, and you've already imparted your wisdom on the young'uns. I'm sure you're stunning in silver. Good on ya, and fingers crossed!!