11 April, 2010

you were once muchier

I haven't sung an audition in quite a while, I think. Now they seem so- second nature to me...but I have 2 that are pretty important coming up this week, and so what I would like to regain is that 'muchiness' that I had in the audition seasons of 2007/8 when I was in New York City and auditions were the ONLY thing I was doing besides working 2 part time jobs and love love loving nyc.

I mean, it was nothing. Waking up. Getting ready. Getting warmed up. Getting dressed. Already being warmed up from the 2 auditions and coaching that I had the day before most likely, really just being IN music and IN auditions all the time.
It was smooth and 'normal'.
And now since I have been 'living', and preparing a role, I've had fewer auditions..and especially have not been in the crazy new york young artist audition scene.

But I want that muchiness back. That feeling that yet again, I will rock aria number one, and whatever they choose for aria number 2, I will have sung it a zillion times, love it, and could have just as easily picked it as my starter.

This week I get to begin with Zerb. (I think). The WHOLE thing. Awesome.
And that already puts me in a good mood.
And whether it's followed by Koenigin or Olympia-- I will BRING it.

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