04 April, 2010

i need swine flu again

I'm up 2 kilos since 'swine-flu' weight.

Damn this land of chocolates, pastries, and cakes galore.

Today I took a 15k bike ride through the 'back woods' here--but my exercise calorie burner counter thingie says that because it was a 'leisurely' pace, I burned less than 200 calories on that ride.

D'oh squared!

Now I'm going to bikram later today.
Maybe will try to go all week.

But it's so easy to see what is happening.
I'm not STRESSED - consciously, but apparently I am, subconsciously.

That means- I eat whatever is around, especially chocolate. And why?
Well I suppose there could be a number of reasons.
First off, leaving here in 16 days.
BUT that is actually also really EXCITING because it means I'll soon be in rehearsals for Lucia.
But that actually means that I'm probably stressed because I haven't REALLLLLY memorized the uncut version of L/Raimondo duet (yes, I know, it's like FOUR recitative interjections and a page of music...I KNOW).
So there is happy for upcoming work mixed with a little sad for leaving mixed with still annoyed that upcomingopera2 is canceled mixed with what the HECK do I do for three months when I get back here mixed with what the HECK am I doing from now UNTIL I leave in 16 days and why does it NOT involve more practicing, exercising, and NOT eating like shit.

There ya go!
It's all out in the open.

But basically I need a really good case of food poisoning or swine flu, or, OK OK I suppose I could move my butt a bit.

Off to 'pack' for yoga.
It's 50 minutes away and requires 2 outfits, 2 towels, a huge bottle of water, a bag to put my extremely WET clothing in after I sweat for 90 minutes, and of course, yoga mat.

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