26 April, 2010

day three and sing-through

I did it AGAIN!
Yes, this is boring. I know I will need to change it up soon. But hey- an HOUR on the elliptical ain't half bad, right?
5 miles.

And again my girly pushups and 30 situps.
My question is...or, at least...my sense is- that eventually my body will get used to this, and there will be no more 'results'. Not that I'm seeing or feeling any right now.
But I do think my heart rate is increased most of the time, and I do generally feel good about being able to stay on that dang elliptical for one hour without cursing its existence.

I don't feel tired or overworked or anything afterwards. I KNOW I'm not pushing myself TOO hard. Then I'd just be useless for rehearsals.

And I'm not really in the mood to try JOGGING again since that always ends in some type of side stitch that never goes away plus partial asthma and general frustration that I can't run, don't like it, don't want to like it.

Oh yea- and the sing through last night went well!

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