25 April, 2010

day two...

Well, I unpacked my clothes and put them in drawers, and I went shopping. So now I have some food for my minifridge, toothpaste...what else?
Well...first rehearsal doesn't begin until 6, so there was nothing to do except for go to the elliptical machine again.
Another 60 minutes. 30 more situps, 10 more girly pushups, and stretching.

It's not the most fun thing...but, they have a tv attached to the machine, so- I could either be sitting in my room, online and watching tv (like now), OR I could be doing the same (minus the online although I DO have my iphone in case I get an email), and moving my butt at the same time.

So I voted for moving my butt.

First sing through is tonight. I hope I don't start falling asleep at 9pm! Jet lag is still kinda kicking me in the behind. I don't fall asleep early, but I can barely keep my eyes open from about 9 to 11.

Now, shower, lunch, and some warming up before tonight.

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