24 April, 2010

day one

An uneventful plane ride followed by checking into my hotel which will be my home for the next 29 days. I have a minifridge and a microwave. OH the possibilities of cooking here!
What did I do as soon as I walked into the room?
Obvs, check the internets to see if they were working.

On to the second task. Unpacking.
HA! Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. I can live out of a suitcase at the base of my bed for a while. Trust me.

But the THIRD task is the best so far.
ONE HOUR on the elliptical machine- 5 miles. While watching some home improvement show on hgtv.
Followed by stretching, followed by 30 sit ups, followed by TEN GIRLY PUSHUPS.

OMG. I know I can't say that it's going to start a revolution and happen every day. But...wouldn't it be nice if it did?
Oh, yea, and then 15 minutes in the jacuzzi. THAT was nice.

So now I'm in the room, post-shower, needing dinner but of course not in the mood to start pulling up google maps of the city and navigating how to get to either a food store or a restaurant.

It MIGHT be a room service and tv kind of night.
oh yea, it's only 8pm and I'm ready for sleep.
Jet lag.

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