27 April, 2010

keepin' on, and staging

Today- 30 minutes elliptical 30 minutes treadmill for another total of 5 miles. And I was less of a hater than usual.

Staging- going really well. I like doing things in order, and thank goodness that is what we are doing.
I feel like I'm already creating a really good arc for the character to develop inside of, and am being given the freedom to choose and create and explore and experiment. Most of the things that I'm naturally inclined to do, usually work, and then I can start adding detail and finesse.

After two days of not really being called until either the afternoon or the evening...I'm now starting the real 'work' 10am to 10pms.

And so- as this process unfolds, I'm still excited, 'good' nervous, and really hoping to shape something that will be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity and sing for me.

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