23 April, 2010

the big apple for 24 hours

I made it!
The plane only shook semi-violently once to make me scared enough to begin the 'ok this is happening ... this is it' scenarios in my brain..and wondering whether the pilot knew how to make a water landing.

Yesterday was spent doing the regular "i'm back in America" dance- going through mail and making sure I didn't miss anything too important (no, I don't need to read the AGMA crappy backup health care insurance plan...I know it's crap and I could never use anything to my benefit, and yes, thank you health insurance for raising my monthly fee yet another 20 dollars a month, just as you did six months ago...you suck). Also, eating GOOD and I mean GOOD sushi. Twice. Also, repacking some of my clothes after seeing and REMEMBERING all the other clothes that I have here.
And now I'm in NYC, having my hair cut today- why here? Well, I guess I just don't feel comfortable telling the Germans how many CENTIMETERS I want cut off yet.

Have a voice lesson later today, a dinner with friends, staying with best friend from college, and all in all, enjoying 24 hours before 'work' begins.

Although OF COURSE, YES, work is fun. That's why I do it. Obvs.
So- more from my next destination and the beginning of rehearsals and all that jazz.

I found out where I'm staying there is a pool and a workout room (as most long-distance hotels have), and I have vowed that there will be NO excuse for me not to go down the one or two floors to those facilities..EVERY DAY.
Maybe a 30 day type of project will begin. MAYBE.
I don't make promises online that I can't keep.

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