16 April, 2010

even more muchiness

I had another audition on Thursday which was an 'information' audition. They see Koenigin on my list and say, sure, we always have time to hear a Koenigin. HA! Too bad I started with Zerb!!
Actually, the accompanist was lovely this time, the theater was big and awesome, I think I sang really well, and ... who knows. I just like making good impressions.

For some reason, I almost think MORE about the 'information' auditions when I'm not necessarily singing for something specific...than some other auditions when I am singing for a specific role in a specific time period.

It's like- do they like me in general and will some magical opera magically fit into my schedule and will they magically remember that I rule?

Much more charm in the unknown I suppose.
Of course, still also waiting to hear about my two most recent international auditions in Southern France and on Tuesday.

For now, last weekend in FF.
Mixed feelings of excitement and ... of course... sadness to leave 'home'. But mostly excitement and 'oh crap I have to pack again'.

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