19 April, 2010

ashes, ashes, we all fall down...

Well, tomorrow at 8:30am I was SUPPOSED to leave for the US.
And of course because of the volcano and the ash and the insanity that has been the last 4 days at every major European airport, I am not leaving.
Right now I am scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon flight to NYC. AND a Friday morning flight.

It's a little annoying and also a little scary.
Annoying that I had booked the next 3 days in NYC with every appointment, lesson, coaching and 'to-do' that I had TO DO...and scary, because...
I mean, do I want to be among the first airplanes that try to fly over, under or through this micro-fiber glass that supposedly does damage to jet engines?

I don't want to be 30,000 feet in the air somewhere between London and Iceland and even THINK about that...although...knowing me, I know I will, and every little shake rattle and roll of the plane will freak me out.

Maybe I will take some tylenol PM with me even though it will be 1pm in the afternoon when I take off.

For now, I am packing. I don't have HALF of the things that I want to pack with me (those would be in storage, upstate, where I planned to arrive, unpack, repack, and go to the dentist and meet with the caterer and the musicians for the wedding...aaaand all that is canceled now)--but somehow I'm managing to fill my 'normal'- one carry on and one suitcase. This time though, I'm not taking the gigantor suitcase..just the normal sized checked-bag.

No presents, wine, fresh-pressed olive oil--nothing is coming with me...because I know that on my way back, yes, in six weeks, I will have QUITE a lot more to take with me. And maybe even PAY to check a second suitcase. I just need all of my 'things'- mostly clothes and shoes- in one place.

I am sitting here surrounded by mostly winter clothes, the weather outside is so gorgeous I can't imagine putting on a sweater again in a week, trying to figure out what I need for 6 weeks of rehearsals, possible donor-dinners, performances, casual and workout clothes.

Mostly I'm thinking- am I ready, and am I really going to GET there?
And if I CAN'T get there by the first day of rehearsal--- what happens? How long is the 'wait' period before it's too late and too long?
And really- how long can transatlantic flights be suspended?


Cimarron Frazier, Soprano said...

I am sooooo enjoying your blog. I like your writing style, and am very much inspired to continue my performing journey.

Coloraturaaah said...

thanks for the comment and i wish you all the best!