03 October, 2011

oh, hello again

It's October?!

It's definitely not feeling like autumn here, what with 30 degree temps and sunny weather for the past week. But hey, I'll take it- knowing that my NEXT singing destination is going to be anything but warm in the winter months ahead.

Umm, this week I have a concert, this weekend I have an opera performance, next weekend I have an opera performance, and then I leave for Next-Gig-Abroad!


The music is learned for everything- what I'm more concerned with is my lack of much progress on upcoming crazy music for the Spring season...
But I know that once I'm in total work mode at next-gig that I will get on that ball.

In terms of fall auditions- the tally is a big ole' zero right now.
Haven't heard from two local agents regarding any local opportunities, nor from my managers in the US about anything I can sing for here.

This is kind of a bummer since I am here for this month and was hoping to sing for..well, someone/anyone.
Also since my next show will take up all of the 'choice' US audition dates of November and early December, I won't be able to do any other auditions unless they miraculously take place IN next-opera-city in the US (doubtful but .. who knows).

And so, there goes fall audition season.
Let's hope the Spring offers up a bit more variety.

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