26 October, 2011

right place, right time

I know this will come out all mysterious sounding as well...so just consider it a post for myself if you don't get it.

Had circumstances been different, I would currently be where I am, but not in the same capacity.
HAD I been here in that 'other' capacity, would this recent news and change be relevant to me?

I can't think about the would-have-maybe-been's at this point.
I am so much happier with what is coming up for me.

I can't imagine life any other way than what it is right now, and what it will be in the future.

It IS a bit zen of me, but everything does just happen- (and I won't say 'for a reason', because...I'm not LOOKING for a reason in the future to justify the present).

SO. Let's just say that I know it's a change. I know it MAY have affected me, had things been different. But they aren't. They are what they are. And so far I'm taking everything in stride.

Staying happy, walking every day, did yoga a few times (actually, I think I'll do it right now again!), and feeling great singing and staging.

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