17 October, 2011

up next.

Had my final performance of the opera this weekend. Everything went very well again- can't complain. No trouble with dialogue, everything went smoothly, etc. etc.
NOW I get to think about NEXT week!
One week from today I'll be reporting to the first rehearsal. Most likely music run-through.
At some point this week I'll think about packing. Doing laundry. But what's great about my stay this time is I'm among friends- good friends at that. So I don't need to worry about there being food in the fridge, or having forks, or toilet paper the first day of my apartment rental.
I just arrive, take a nap, stay up as late as possible, and wake up the next day for my first rehearsal.
I'm excited because this is 'big', but I don't feel the usual pressure since I'm not singing the leading soprano role. I'm actually looking forward to just making a good impression with what I have to offer, and then just taking it easy. I am lucky that in this location I have many friends who are already here and want to spend time with me, and family that's nearby and flying in to see me this time.
I'm ALSO happy that I won't be spending the entire 7 weeks away...from someone...who WILL be coming to visit me for the last 2.5 weeks of the show. I mean, how awesome is THAT?!
I really just have a 30 day count down and there we're together again!

eating healthy, not eating late at night, walking 20-30 minutes a day, getting fresh air, feeling positive and good, relaxing, getting good night's sleep.

Will really try for them all-- to remain as positive, calm and happy as possible for the next 'big' job.

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