27 October, 2011

Oh and ONE more thing...

BRIEFLY, I want to write about age-ism in the business.
The wunderkinds who somehow get hand picked between the ages of 20-23 for major young artist programs-- who knows where their careers will go. They are guaranteed good summer gigs or residencies for about 4 years.
I've seen it go nowhere from there and I've also seen it lead to national roles in A level companies across the US.

The doldrums of age 25-28 when it seems like everyone is JUST a bit older than you and more experienced than you and getting the jobs you want and the summer programs you want-- and realistically, who would hire a 25 year old Lucia when there is clearly enough choice to hire an established (read, most likely over 30 year old) who has experience in the part- so as not to 'take a chance' on someone young and untested in a regional house whose job it is to get the audience coming back to see a 'favorite' and keep on giving money and support to their city.

The 28-30 'do all the competitions'/have to get a manager/am I too old for young artist programs phase-...
Answer- no, you're not too old because they STILL take SOME 35 year olds, SOME of whom are managed, who are clearly there singing at a level 'beneath' their normal mainstage role work during the YEAR for the 'name' the 'connection', and the mainstage auditions at the end of the summer.

OK, now to lying about your age. For whatever reason.
Some managers don't care. Some houses don't SEEM to care since SO SO SO many people are doing it (after they turn 30 they somehow stay 30 for about 2 years)...competitions DO care and often require birth certificates and copies of passports to make sure you are eligible...

But here's a little tip, to the liars in this age of savvy google ninjas:
Do not lie about your age to my face, or online anywhere where I can clearly see it!!!
It takes me just ONE little google search to see the previous competition you did that lists your age in JULY of 2009. It takes me another little google search to find out when your bday is (actually, I know that from facebook anyway). And it takes me about .5 seconds to do the MATH, and know that you are older than a 'certain' age that you are claiming to be.

If anyone else cares to find this info. out as well- they can.

Of course, I'm not going to do anything about it except wonder why you're feeling the need to lie in the first place. Does it make people feel better to not be 33 years old? To just be 30 for a while so everyone is 'extra' impressed at the success that they've had so far and they're 'ONLY' 30?

I mean, we've all worked at this for at LEAST 10 years. At least since freshman year of college, if not way way earlier...
Shouldn't we be at a level of professionalism ten years later where we are proud of all of the myriad programs and preparations that have gotten us to a certain point?

Just sayin'.
Oh and Pls.Dont.Lie.About.Your.Age it's just way too easy to find it out for realz.

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Incalescent said...

I can't believe that 3 years would matter enough for someone to lie about it. Surely it'll come back to haunt them one day when someone realises =/