13 October, 2011


Hey there motivation, what's up?!
I've been the good little singer in the past few days,
reviewing upcoming opera (it's all there), getting a jump on upcoming-modern-craziness for the spring, and ALSO for the first time in a long time submitted a new recording to my manager.
No, not just a bootleg video of audio of an aria I did in performance or at an audition, but this time something for concert work.

It's something I've always been interested in doing and find fun (not to mention the ONLY 2 or 1 day of rehearsal required for most gigs), but I just haven't done that much. Which means I don't have that many contacts/conductors/promoters/organizers who know me by name as the person who can sing this kind of stuff.

Whether it's oratorios for around Christmas-time, or concert works that are by modern composers, lieder or any other kind of small ensemble collaboration, it's definitely a departure from 'opera'. And yes, I do love being onstage in a character, but here I get to make a 'musical' character and still remain myself.

In some ways challenging because it's more 'me' in front of the audience rather than me getting to be NOT myself as a character in an opera which is a great distraction from nerves/audience/whatever else.

I'm always thinking forward, or trying to! And even with some big stuff coming up non-operawise in the next few months, I'm trying to keep being the go-getter that I always am in terms of auditions, opportunities, and hopefully performances in future seasons.

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