21 October, 2011

yoga and packing, continued

Remember when I thought all those clothes lying on the bed could easily fit into one checked bag?
Riight- turns out sweaters take up more room than I thought even after you squish them to the max. I don't have the luxury of vacuum sealed bags here!

So I downsized a bit, but I'm still pretty happy with everything that I've managed to fit in my ONE bag under 23 kg that I'll be checking.

It's winter people- think of the scarves and boots that I'm leaving behind!

Also, I've done some nice yoga for just a bit in the past 2 days...no class, not the video either, just me, quietly practicing for about 25-30 minutes.

I feel very relaxed after it and DO have to remember that this makes me feel good, even though my first instincts for relaxation are staying exactly where I am, on my comfy chair, under a blanket, with my computer open to the endless world of the interwebs.

I haven't closed the suitcase yet because there is always that last minute outfit that I will most likely need to wear tonight or tomorrow night 'on the town' that I'll also want to include on Sunday morning.
In addition to the laundry that is still on the drying rack waiting to get toasty from me cranking up the heat.
Yes, we have a dryer, but it's in the basement-- too cold this morning (2degrees) to walk down there and put the clothes inside.

I think that's enough talk about suitcases over the span of this past week.
I'm just 'extra' excited for this whole process this time around...and hope everything goes smoothly.

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