19 October, 2011

starting to think about packing

...7 weeks. COLD Winter weather.
Sweaters aren't heavy, per se, they're just bulky. But then there are the boots. And the 'winter' coat and the peacoat. And the other items needed to keep me warm such as layers and did I mention sweaters?

I took everything out today, tried some stuff on again, and put the 'first cut' of clothing on the bed. I can probably fit it all in, but I really don't feel like over-packing to the max, plus I'm going to the US which inevitably means that I will shop because it's cheaper than Deutschland.

So, I need the 'first day' outfit, the 'if there's a party/donor event' outfit, and then mostly just my normal rehearsal outfits- plus a lot of sweaters. I HOPE they don't crank the heat up because that would mean that in addition to wearing a sweater that matches whatever pants skirt or boot the occasion calls for, I have to wear something UNDER it that's still appropriate to take off.

I know, life is tough, right?

Will probably start putting stuff in the suitcase tomorrow.

THIS time I'm ONLY bringing current-score and next score, and I'm not even sure they'll make the cut into the airplane carry-on...maybe just check it all. I'm going to watch movies the whole plane ride anyway, right?
Gadgets: kindle/ipod/iphone/mac and chargers.

I'm going to see how LITTLE I can pack for this gig, even though it's on the longer side. And I'm fully aware that the odds of coming back with a SECOND suitcase are very...very high.

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