27 September, 2011

all better

Well that was an annoying 6 days of stuffy noses and overuse of tissues.

I'm feeling much better now. Maybe it also has something to do with this SUMMER weather which has reappeared! Yes, exactly a week after I put all of my summer clothes away except for 2 last Ts and a few 3/4 length light things, it has gotten HOT here. And by hot I'm talking 29/30- the type of LOVELY summer weather that works for bike rides, long walks, outdoor swimming...

I started marking up my score for upcoming-modern opera, putting the neon colored tabs in on the pages that I sing, marking beats in pencil.
This piece will definitely be a challenge simply because I haven't done much of this kind of music before.
All I can say about it is that it's modern. It's not "atonal" per se, but instead has these 'indigenous' sounding patterns to it that aren't really in the 'classical or romantic' categorization of music. Or anything 'modern' that I've heard for that matter. It's only modern because the composer is still alive and he may or may not be coming to our rehearsals and/or shows so I had better make sure I am doing it perfectly!

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