26 April, 2009

opening niiiiiiight

That was so so so so SO much fun!
Singing, Dancing, Twirling...
and now it's 2am and I've been to one official cast party, one unofficial cast party at the local gay bar (always the best music), and my ears are RINGING (ok, that's probably from the high pumpin' Rhianna and Beyonce music...but still)...
It was SUCH an awesome night.
I felt REALLY good about it.
The dir. said it was the best 'aria scene' that they have seen yet...always a good thing when you're about to work with them again in the next production...and overall--I just LOVE that the audience loves this piece!

So yes, laugh, cry, shout, clap, and be amused--we are here to entertain.

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Alan said...

Congratulations. Ride that wave as long as you can!