13 April, 2009

back across the country

I continue to have not the best of luck with my flights back across the country.
Today I sat in JFK for an extra 30 minutes, for seemingly no reason. We then boarded the plane, and sat for about 20 more minutes. Of course that is no where near the 3 hours that my FIRST flight out here was delayed by, but still.

What can I say about singing today?
Well, I had my iphone back stage and I managed to get a 'bootleg' recording of myself.
Of course, it's from backstage, so it's unusable--as you can hear people walking by (ie, the next competitor)
I sang Zerbinetta from So War and was asked for DurchZ.

What did I hear? Actually some pretty nice musical things..phrasing that I have definitely worked on and added since the last time I heard a recording of myself singing this (which was last May in concert). I also don't sound as 'light' perhaps as I did before?
I shall attribute that to either working with a new teacher, singing this aria at least 16 times in Germany, or just being almost a year older and singing it.

And then DurchZ
Woah- I mean, Woah--this was a different sound than what I remember as well (I get asked for this a lot, but again, the last time it was recorded was well over a year and a half ago)
Hmmm....there were ONE or TWO notes that I was not in love with.
And actually, one of them was the low note before the high run.
And one of them was the high note AFTER a middle run that I didn't hit in the center and then it was ok.

So- my thoughts on the day---I did well. Well enough to be among that crowd. Can I say I'm happy with it? Well it's not like I sang a wrong note or cracked or anything..but those two little things that bothered ME in the recording...who knows if those were deal-breakers.

All I can do is wait and see...and actually, probably forget all about it since I'm called to rehearsal in 25 minutes, haven't eaten dinner, and haven't changed out of my 'airplane' clothes yet!

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