17 April, 2009


Yes, it's my day off, but no, I am no where near relaxed right now.

WHYYYY can't scheduling EVER work out?
Ok, that's not fair to say..because most of the time, it does.

But I have been asked to do repeated things over the past few years and could NOT do them because of one day, one week, one production overlapping another.

And so I find myself in the same situation for these past few days, and a decision has to be made.

An offer to do a ridiculously amazing audition that COULD possibly yield work for an entire year...in the SMACK middle of tech week for future-show.

And the only choice I have is to give up the production completely....and do the really really important audition, OR not to do the audition--and the who knows what could have been or not. BUT it's just an audition. How do you give something up that is already concrete work JUST to be introduced to someone who MAY or MAY NOT like you and even consider you for the actual upcoming work?

I wish the magical fairies of opera scheduling would make this work out better.

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Susan said...

In an ideal world, the people who invited you to audition you would simply attend the performance that's preventing you from auditioning, and consider that your audition. In an ideal world...