11 April, 2009

a quickie

At 3:30 tomorrow I'm released from rehearsal for a total of 24 hours.
Within the time constraints of those 24 hours I will fly back to New York (via Chicago), catch up with my old roommie, hopefully get a decent night of sleep, have to wake up early than I want to so I can warm up with sufficient time and get dolled up with enough time to make it across the park and to the audition venue...well, competition venue.

This is 'kindof' a biggie? Maybe?
I don't really know. Plus, I can't pay attention to these kinds of things.
I've done too many of these to know that there is no rhyme or reason to competition winners.
Everyone at SOME level should be there and is obviously talented...and from there on, I leave it to...whatever power is in charge that day...to be 'the decider'.

Pretty zen, I suppose--and I do try and think that way...although of course I will be feeling competitive with myself and with others that I may encounter backstage!

In the run-down of my auditions in Europe, which I haven't really discussed except to offer the number-crunching, I always felt like I do about the majority of my auditions in the US.
I bring to the audition room what I will bring to the stage.
That is- the voice, the acting, the musicality/artistry.

It's very very rare (knock on wood) that one of those elements goes awry (unless I'm sick--in which case I should NOT be singing the audition anyway!...arrgghghhghg..still shudder to think about that ONE this season that should not have been.)

What you get is a product. A look, a voice, a style, that you can choose to like, choose to dislike, or choose to not really have a strong enough opinion about to move on to the next level of competition or for casting consideration.

Of course, it's my JOB to get you to like my look, voice and style.
That's why I take voice lessons. That's why I don't go to Wendy's for their spicy chicken sandwich for every meal at lunch. And that's why I learn from directors, actors, literature, film, and my own research about how to make the stage work with whatever task I have at hand.

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Susan said...

That's why I read (and totally enjoy) your blog. Even though I have no professional singing aspirations, I still want to learn as much as I can from people (like you!) who actually get paid to perform. :) So, thanks! And enjoy your whirlwind visit/audition/competition.