01 April, 2009

procrastination central

Today I spent 48 dollars at CVS. 28 of them were on TOOTHBRUSH heads for my Vitality Sonic TOOTHBRUSH~~~ that is SO unacceptable.

The other 20 were on things I NEEEEEDED, such as a Twix bar.

I've been staring at my 2 suitcases that need to be closed for the past day and a half.

I have one more day in NYC to "leave out", my "plane outfit" to leave out, and then I have to make the decision whether to cut any clothes.

Already, I have taken out two black things. It seems like everything I own is black.
Black long sweater that goes over outfits to make me warmer and black zip-up Bebe hoodie are both about to be evicted from the suitcase. That is because I already have gray/slate jean jacket to keep me warm, AND ghetto black hoodie that I will use at the gym that I COULD use for rehearsal IF I get cold, and ALSO have black wrap-thingie-with-sleeves that I can tie around tops if I'm cold.

I'm bringing MORE shoes than EVER before on this gig--mainly because I've purchased more shoes than ever before in the past week.

I'm also bringing German text books. In anticipation of my return and conquer of Europe in the near future. More on that....later.

I have to bring upcoming-heavy-score 1 AND 2 (although I can't find 2, so I may have to borrow OR buy a new one---which I TOTALLY hate because I KNOW that I OWN in and it's somewhere....in a binder...somewhere...in the basement)

So- why are the suitcases still open?
Well, I'm trying to be a little different this time instead of taking the same things that I have for the past half winter/half spring-weather gigs. Some pieces that I haven't worn in a while, some different jewelry.

I've basically been staring at these suitcases and trying to convince myself that it's a good idea to take clothes that I have not worn in a while to this gig.

Plus, keep trying to take stuff OUT so I don't have to pay a 'your suitcase is too heavy' fee when I get to the airport to check the one, and carry on the other (the carry on will have all the German books and opera scores).

Ok, end of blogging. Must close the suitcase.

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