15 April, 2009

tax day!

Happily for me, even though I was pressed for time once I got back to the US on the 22nd, I was able to get my finances and receipts and documents together and in order for my tax guy to give it the final once-over and submit by April 15th.
I don't particularly TRY to wait until the last minute for taxes...I always think about it...at some point after January first...but I never actually get to making that long.Word or Excel file to really document everything that I've done.
iCal makes it easy to see how many auditions I had, how many times I paid an accompanist, paid for a warm-up room, and paid for a CAB (only when it was raining!) to get to midtown from my upper west side abode.

That is all for now, as I'm doing double blogging duty elsewhere!

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