21 April, 2009


This evening was our sitz for the show.
I can't believe there are only 5 more days until we open!
I'm actually feeling SO good about it!
It's fun, I'm still finding new things to do and feel at each additional rehearsal, and I know that no matter what I'm just going to enjoy myself.

The previous blog matter has not settled itself.
I've gotten sound advice from all sides about what to do. I appreciate the more 'professional' of opinions of course, and agree with a course of action that may prove fruitful for impressing a 'big name' in the business regardless of the outcome, but I do have to remember that EVEN though I am a singer of a certain 'level', (as it is called by some who have reached a certain point where they are past school, and no longer their own 'scheduling' boss), my AGE still befits that of a young artist.
That's not to say that I should do pay-to-sing programs, although numerous singers of all levels go to these places to try out roles for the first time...but it does mean that I still recognize that times are hard for ALL of us, and pay or no pay or very little pay, a job is a job..and giving one up, no matter what the reason, would reflect on me in some way down the road.

In the end, I think I could be ok with my decision IF I could line a few more things up and make an entire foray in to Europe (this time in the Summer-HOORAY!) for another month worth my while while I'm there.

It's like an eye for an eye--except that no heinous crime has been committed. I would somehow like to have a feeling of contentment over letting something go, and excitement at what it is being replaced with...which is hopefully more than just ONE audition.

All that is to be determined and HAS to be determined by the end of this week...or as soon as possible...

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